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Carrageenan Kappa

Carrageenan Kappa, what is it?

Our Carrageenan Kappa is a powder of European origin of the highest quality. Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid of natural origin and is extracted from red algae of the Rhodophyceae family. It is a light beige colored powder. It has no smell and taste. There are many varieties of carrageenan, usually for food use, the most used are: kappa and lambda. It is mainly used to create elastic and solid gels that are stable to freezing/thawing. A superior quality vegan alternative to gelatin. Produces crystal clear gels and icings, it is perfect for creating mousses, icing cakes and flans. It is also widely used in ice cream due to its characteristic of reacting to the calcium naturally present in ice cream. It becomes solid at room temperature. It is also used in spherification to harden the film created by Sodium Alginate. The gels produced with Carrageenan Kappa are enhanced in the presence of calcium, so as to make it ideal in recipes based on milk and cream. It is often added to dairy products such as cottage cheese and yogurt to prevent the separation of liquids and fats. It dissolves in hot water. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and ovo-lacto-vegetarians, GMO-free, gluten-free, non-irradiated

Carragenin Kappa. Differences between Carragenine?

Carragenin Kappa produces different types of seconds of the substances with which it comes into contact:
  • Produces a rigid and elastic gel if you come into contact with potassium
  • Produces a fragile and rigid gel in a rich calcium solution.
In both cases, the gel produced is opaque, which makes it perfect for glazes and roofs. And it is different from the Carragenina Iota

Carragenin Kappa, how do you use it?

Carragenin is one of the most important ingredients of molecular cuisine, like many other types of gelatin must be heated to have effect, unless it is used in rich calcium solutions. In this case the heating is not necessary. Carragenin is water -soluble at temperatures above 70 ° C, but is insoluble in oils and fats. It is perfect for creating products with the addition of sugars, puddings, mousse, glazes and frappè, but it is also widely used in the Casearea area industry and for the production of vegan cheeses. Specifically, Carragenin Kappa must be brought to 95 ° C, after which it comes into a cooling action, thickening at 55 ° C. This makes it ideal to be served even in hot dishes, where it will keep its characteristics.

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