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ISI NO2 8g Chargers ( Pack of 10 )

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These N2O cans are ideal for refilling Isi whippers or those of other brands! They contain nitrous oxide and are essential for making foams, sponges and any other recipe that includes the use of the siphon to whip and incorporate air such as cream, spoon desserts or siphon meringues.

  • Gas quantity guarantee: Each capsule is weighed individually and contains exactly 8.4 g of pure N2O

  • Made of 100% recyclable stainless steel, made in Austria

  • Guaranteed without oil residues; the production is HACCP certified

  • Get perfect results with iSi professional cans for an infinite variety of preparations!

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Avoid bumps or falls.

The gas contained inside reaches very low temperatures and very high pressures. By purchasing this product you declare that you are aware of the risks associated with its use and that you know how to use this product.

Product Name ISI NO2 8g Chargers Pack Of 10
SKU 9002377007027
Manufacturer iSi
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