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iSi - Green Whip Eco 1/2 Litre

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The perfect whipped cream dispenser for HACCP compliance in a catering kitchen. This 1/2L whipper will whip up to 1.5 Litres of fresh whipped cream or espumas in an instant! Uses 8g nitrous oxide (N2O) gas cartridges to whip and propel the cream. N2O cartridges are cheap and easy to use. N2O also acts as a natural anti-biotic so the cream stays fresh in the whipper for up to 10 days if kept in a fridge. Do not freeze.

Suitable for making whipped cream as well as hot or cold 'espumas', sauces and mousses. In fact it will thicken anything with a high fat content or emulsifying properties.

This Eco Series Green Whip Cream Dispenser from iSi is great for fresh cold whipped creams, milk foams, and sweet foams. It is especially designed for use with plant-based cream products. The high yield whipper provides up to 15% more servings from the same ingredients.

  • For use with cold preparations
  • Perfect for LTO's - flavors, ingredients, & creativity your way
  • Powerful enough to whip plant-based cream for on-trend toppings
  • Stainless steel re-useable tool - not like the one and done aerosol can
  • Material: Stainless steel / Silicone
Product Name iSi - Stainless Steel Green whip eco
SKU 9002377016616
Manufacturer iSi
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