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Konjac Gum Powder 250g

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Konjac Powder is a completely natural product made from the fibre root of the Konjac plant. Unlike many thickeners, it is Gluten free. Konjac Powder is a strong thickener and has about 10 times more thickening power than traditional corn starch. Use as a thickener in a large variety of ways such as soups, sauces, gravy, custard, casseroles, to thicken fillings in pies and puddings and a wide variety of food applications. Konjac Powder is low calorie and an essential ingredient in Vegan cooking. Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Kosher friendly, Halal friendly.


  • Use to thicken soups, sauces, pie fillings and puddings
  • Use as a Gluten free substitute for other types of thickeners. 100% cold liquid soluble
  • Use as a replacement for Corn Starch
  • Use as a slimming aid in place of standard thickeners
  • Suitable for Vegans, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Kosher friendly, Halal friendly.


How to use: Before adding to the product you want to thicken, mix the Konjac Powder with a small amount of cold liquid and stir until a smooth paste. (this will prevent lumping). Konjac Powder thickens quickly when heated. As a general guide use about 5g (1 teaspoon) in 240ml of liquid, but less or more may be required, depending on the consistency you require.


Storage Conditions: Store in dry, cool conditions and not in direct sunlight. Use within 6 months of opening.


Ingredients: Konjac Gum (E425)


Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Kosher friendly, Halal friendly.


Nutritional Information: Based on typical content/100g: Energy: 749kj/179kCal, Fat: <0.1g, Of which saturates: 0.0g, Carbohydrate: 4.1g, Of which sugars: 2.9g, Protein: 0.0g, Salt: 0.05g, Fibre: 83.5g.


Labelling according to UK & EU regulations.

Product Name Konjac Gum Powder
SKU 5056191001628
E Number E425
Manufacturer Special Ingredients
Product Weight 250 Grams
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