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Modern Gastronomy Kit

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Our Modern Gastronomy Kit will introduce you to various modern ingredients and techniques which will help you make delicious, striking, modern dishes. Containing 11 different ingredients, equipment and recipes developed by award winning modernist chef Eddie Shepherd. It will not only teach you various techniques it will help you understand how these techniques and ingredients work. This will allow you to complete the recipes within the kit and to also adapt these techniques to your own recipes. The World of Modern Gastronomy and the possibilities it holds for Modernist Cuisine are endless. Only your imagination is the limit.

  • Learn Spherification and Reverse Spherification techniques
  • Create Caviar pearls / fruit bubbles
  • Create liquid centred spheres
  • Turn liquids into stable foams and mousse's
  • Create fluid gels and elastic gels
  • Turn fat into sweet and savoury powders
  • Create edible glass
  • Change the pH of liquids


Contents and Ingredients: 

Sodium Alginate 50g (E401)

Sodium Citrate 50g (E331)

Calcium Lactate 50g (E327)

Agar Agar 50g (E406)

Xanthan Gum 50g (E415)

Carrageenan Kappa 50g (E407)

Carrageenan Iota 50g (E407)

SOYA Lecithin Powder 50g (E322)

Zorbit ® 50g

Ultratex 50g (E1442)

Citric Acid 50g (E330)

Molecular Collecting Spoon

Digital Mini Scales

Set of Measuring Spoons

Small Hemisphere Mould

1 x 50ml Syringe

10 x 3ml Pipettes

Booklet containing techniques, tips, instructions and recipes

Recipes Included: Chocolate/Mint Chocolate Pearls, Watermelon Caviar, Gin and Tonic Spheres, Yoghurt and Honey Spheres, Apple Gel, Sour Cucumber Puree, Coconut Fluid Gel, Elastic flexible Caramel Gel, Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Mousse, Rose Air, Orange Glass, Cranberry Fluid Gel, Chocolate Soil, Olive Oil Powder

Product Name Molecular Gastronomy Kit
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