Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Kit With Molecular Spoon

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This Spherification Starter Kit makes Molecular Gastronomy easy! Perfect for the creative chef or cocktail maker, you can use our kit to produce caviar pearls and liquid centre spheres/bubbles using Spherification and Reverse Spherification techniques. Our kit contains everything you need to get started and enough ingredients to produce a lot of caviar pearls and liquid centered spheres/bubbles.

  • Learn Spherification and Reverse Spherification techniques
  • Create Caviar pearls / fruit bubbles
  • Create liquid centred spheres

Contents and Ingredients:

Sodium Alginate 50g (E401)

Calcium Lactate 50g (E327)

3 x 50ml Syringes

5 x 3ml Pipettes

1 x Molecular Collecting Spoon

Recipes and Instructions

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