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Recipe | Mint Chocolate Pearls Using Spherification Technique


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Luminescent Pearls Using Spherification Technique


Impress your guests with this special preparation prepared using a technique of the most important molecular chefs in the world. With this recipe you will make delicious pearls that glow in the dark using the spherification technique, which will be ideal for adding to cocktails

We highly recommend watching the recipe video below which will demonstrate the recipe process from preparation to completion.



Required equipment

  • Food Blender
  • Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Kit(Available to buy on this web page)


Calcium Lactate Bath Ingredients

  • 500g of water
  • 5g Special Ingredients Calcium Lactate (Available to buy on this web page)



  • 200g Water (chosen specifically because it is low in calcium)
  • 2g Special Ingredients Sodium Alginate (Available to buy on this web page)
  • 10 drops of Orange Flavour drop (Available to buy on this web page)
  • 2g Special Ingredients Easy Glow (Available to buy on this web page)


Calcium Bath Preperation

  1. Blend ingredients well and allow to settle
  2. This will keep well in the fridge for a week.


Luminescent Pearls Using Sperification Technique

  1. First you need to make your Calcium Bath to use later in your recipe.
  2. Blend together the Water, Sodium Alginate, Easy Glow.
  3. Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove air bubbles.
  4. Use a spherification bottle to make caviar spheres by dropping the glow mixture into a Calcium Bath.
  5. Allow the caviar to react for thirty seconds then remove with a slotted spoon and rinse in a bath of fresh water.
  6. Serve as soon as possible after making.
  7. Put under the UV lamp


Equipment And Ingredients

All of our own brand Special Ingredients and equipment for this recipe can be found at the top of this page ready to purchase. Should you require alternate ingredient quantities or alternate equipment options, please use the below links.






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